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URSA is an autonomous systems intelligence platform

We are the trusted and authoritative third-party source for autonomous systems data and insights.


what we do

URSA is an autonomous systems intelligence platform. Customers facing financial, operational, and human risk associated with autonomous systems can use URSA solutions to unlock their own data and apply advanced analytics and visualization tools to manage that risk.

We are the trusted and authoritative third-party source for autonomous systems data and insights.


our technology

URSA’s framework enables us to rapidly integrate new data sources while our API, data analytics plug in architecture, and open visualization platform creates an environment that adapts to meet a broad variety of needs.

No matter your autonomous system, URSA’s platform efficiently and accurately adapts to your requirements, saving you time, effort, and money.



Big. Small. Complex. Simple. Marine, air, land, or space. Each system, engineer, and operator  is unique and each use case creates unique requirements. You need a solution tailored for your data demands.

Yet a large percentage of the subsystems, components, and telemetry data are similar across all of these autonomous systems. URSA’s platform ensures that knowledge gained in one domain is available to all others.

Whatever your requirements, URSA can extract, parse, and analyze the data and provide the visualization tools you need so you can accomplish your missions and objectives.


who we are

URSA is three year old New Hampshire-based startup that was in the Techstars ’18 Autonomous Technology Accelerator with the U.S. Air Force. We are developing an autonomous systems intelligence platform for investigators, auditors, operators, and manufacturers.

David Kovar, our CEO and founder, established the practice of drone forensics and brings 20 years of cyber security experience and systems analysis experience to the company. He is a manned and unmanned aircraft pilot, a frequent speaker at industry events, and has presented to INTERPOL, HTCIA, and SANS.

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