An Example UAV Forensic / Investigation Report
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An Example UAV Forensic / Investigation Report

An Example UAV Forensic / Investigation Report

Getting accurate information to investigators in a timely manner is critical in most investigations, and this is true in UAV investigations as well. Using URSA we can generate this type of report from any DJI onboard flight log (FLYxxx.DAT), any DJI app log (e.g. DJI Go), and any PixHawk flight controller log.

The exact contents and layout can be tuned to a particular investigator’s needs and custom reports can be developed.

This report is designed to provide the investigator with a quick snapshot of critical information in a standardized, repeatable form. Through other tools, the investigator can conduct a much deeper dive into the flight data, identify linkages with other flight data in the system, and develop leads to drive investigations in the physical world such as requests to locate batteries, controllers, cell phones, and information about locations.

At the present time this is available as a service only while we work on developing a stand alone client.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback.


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