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Software as a Service:

URSA offers the ability to upload flight data and query the results via a RESTful API, enabling end users, integrators, and developers to utilize all forms of UAV flight data without implementing and supporting complex file decoding and processing mechanisms. API users also benefit from gaining access to data that is enriched by machine learning and human experts.

Parser Licenses:

The URSA parser can be licensed by developers and integrators to provide access to UAV flight data in other products directly rather than via the SAAS offering.

Complete custom environments that include the entire chain are available on a consulting basis for on premise deployments.

Aircraft and Application Data:

Other vendors offer limited ability to process log files from the mobile device applications used to control UAVs. However, in most criminal or counter UAS situations, only the UAV is available and mobile device tools cannot analyze the available evidence.

Only URSA will process the flight logs from onboard the aircraft and the mobile device application logs. URSA addresses more circumstances, provides greater access to data, and enhances the investigator’s understanding of the entire context surrounding the event.

Tactical Field Analysis:

URSA’s mobile device application, currently in beta, enables users to extract time critical tactical information while in the field, information such as the GPS location of the launch point, flight time, and route of flight. The application runs on any Android device and does not require custom hardware.

Aggregated Analysis:

URSA is designed to aggregate UAV data, enabling queries on collections of flights of a single aircraft, across multiple similar aircraft, and across all aircraft in a collection. This power enables policy makers to investigate patterns of behavior, law enforcement agencies to find links between physical, temporal, and location artifacts, and fleet managers to proactively identify failures based on historical data.


URSA collects and manages UAV data in a forensically sound manner.

TO ENSURE maximum benefit to users, to the community, and to society at large, the data is collected in a forensically sound manner, is part of a system designed to enable high quality analysis via subject matter experts and machine learning, and supports access to the raw and analyzed data via multiple methods to enable broad access.

ALL CUSTOMERS, law enforcement, insurance companies, fleet operators, regulators, and any organization needing to grapple with drones as a part of their work, be it fielding them or defending against their use, require verifiable, accurate, and detailed data to support sound decision making. Misleading, false, or missing information will lead to poor decisions that will affect everyone from the local operator to the public at large.


We can do investigations for many purposes and for many different industries. We aim to provide a suite of tools to empower the best decisions relating to UAV flight data possible.


the Scenario

YOUR CLIENT saw a drone outside his back window on several occasions. He threatened to shoot it down if it was ever there again. Two nights later, he saw it and shot it down with a shotgun. The police are charging your client with reckless discharge of a firearm. Your client wants to sue the operator for invasion of privacy, and harassment.


you’ll need to

SHIP THE entire UAV or we will be able to guide you in collecting the necessary data from UAV.


We’ll perform

FORENSIC ANALYSIS on the UAV and associated data.

What could the drone “see”?

How often had it been flown near the house?

How close to the house did it get?

Where else was it flown?

Did it take any pictures while near the house?



What’s Next?

YOU’LL RECEIVE a report authored by a team of subject matter experts
WE’LL CONTINUE to support your team as the case develops