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ursa core

Access and Exploit your UAV telemetry data

A flexible, intuitive, system, users and vendors can build everything from fleet management systems to intelligence platforms on top of URSA Core.

URSA Core unlocks the power of the billions of gigabytes of autonomous vehicle event data that you collect every hour.

The heart of a suite of data extraction and analysis tools, URSA Core reveals the needed insights into operator behaviors, and systems, that prevent threats, improve operations, and save lives:


Understand Success and Failure —  URSA Core enables thorough Test and Validation for CUAS operations, providing comprehensive access to the data that verifies what worked, what failed, and why
Prevent Threats with Pattern Analysis – Extract the complex data and meta-data required to analyze patterns and prevent attacks and hazards
Continually Improve UAV Operations – URSA Core’s automatic and visual analysis capabilities identify failures before they occur and opportunities for improvement while in the field
Root Cause Analysis of Crash and Insurance Investigations – URSA Core provides the tools required for confident root cause analysis of crash and Insurance Investigations
Forensically Sound, Defensible Data – URSA Core provides the required access, extraction, and visualization capabilities of forensically sound, defensible, data for CUAS and Malicious UAV Investigations, operational and legal responses.